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Beauty Rituals Of The World™

Fascinated by cultural traditions, total body well-being and traveling, Nathalie and Jean-Louis Poiroux journeyed around the world on exploratory trips in search of the best Beauty Rituals of the World™.

To this day, they both are 100% invested in bringing to you the most innovative, exclusive and memorable products.

Today, Cinq Mondes has over 1,000 spas in 36 countries- partnering with some of the most beautiful and prestigious 5-star hotels where guest can enjoy the benefits of our spa treatments inspired by Beauty Rituals of the World. Discover our Beauty Rituals of the World™ spa treatments.

IN JAPAN, women pay particular attention to their porcelain-like complexion by using natural ointments from the Japanese Pharmacopoeia along with Shiatsu-inspired manual massage techniques, known as "Ko Bi Do" or "beauty method" in Japanese, to preserve their youthful skin. This technique stimulates the vital energy points and the deep, structuring movements results in a remarkable natural face-lift effect. 

WU ZETIAN was the only woman to rule as an empress in the history of China; she was Empress from 690 to 705. Not only did she have a steely temperament, but she was also an incredibly beautiful woman. To preserve her youthful complexion, she would apply ointments made from Chinese plants found in the "Pen Ts'sao", a 3,000 year old book of remedies, that has antioxidant and rejuvenation effects, such as Ginseng, Chinese Angelica and Sophora Japonica.

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AYURVEDA, or the science of long life, is a time-honored practice based on the principles of traditional medicine founded in India around 5,000 years ago. Many Indian beauty recipes use herbs and oils recognized since immemorial time, for their nourishing and healing properties. Neem oil, produced from what is known as "the village pharmacy tree", is featured strongly among these oils because of it numerous healing virtues. 

IN INDONESIA​women focus on ancestral ​rituals ​with tropical flower and fruit infusions​ to awaken the radiance of the complexion and to purify the skin​, ​such as the Lulur recipe. They instantly illuminate the complexion ​with their softening and radiance-boosting effects and eliminate impurities. In the Kingdom of Siam (ancient Thailand), body scrubs made from Papaya or spices and herbs, such as "Boreh", an ancient remedy used by warriors, is an exfoliating paste that tones the muscles and relieves aching joints.

​FOR OVER 2,000 YEARS, women in the Near and Middle East have been practicing the Hammam Purification ritual- hammam in Maghrebi Arabic means source of heat. This ritual focuses its attention on the body to protect the skin and leaves it feeling like new: exfoliating scrubs, subtle-aromatic wraps that detox the body and a restoring application of re-hydrating Argan and Olive oils. This traditional ritual was practiced by Princess Zenobia, considered to have been one of the most beautiful women of her time in Egypt and Syria.

POLYNESIAN PHARMACOPOEIA, referred to as "Ra'au Tahiti", which means traditional remedy, has a wealth of over 2,000 plants that have been used for thousands of years by Polynesian healers for their incredible efficacy to heal and restore the skin. Among these plants are Tahiti Monoi, a sacred oil, and Noni, also called the "universal remedy of the ancients" because of its remarkable protective and healing properties.

LAND OF BEAUTY. Jeju Island, located off the Korean coast, has been voted one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature for its beauty and unspoiled natural wealth. It is home to many plants with “perfect skin” virtues such as Magnolia Kobus and Camellia, which are part of the natural active ingredients of the ​Sublime Brightening range. The ​natural actives of these plants correct ​dark-​spots​, for an even and bright complexion. In South Korea, the ​even, luminous​ and crystal clear​ complexio​n- the secrets women pass on to each other​-​ is not only a criterion of beauty, but also of spiritual elevation and purity.

​​ON THE ISLAND OF OKINAWA,​ one of the world's blue-zones, ​for centuries​ women have​ held the secret of longevity to preserve skin's youth and promote cell renewal. Their secret? Applying an organic Gé​to plant extract​ infusion on their face to fight against wrinkles and brighten the complexion. Thanks to their beauty secrets and their philosophy of life, the Okinawaians ​total the highest percentage of centenarians among the five "blue zones" of our planet.