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Aromatic Soap Collection- Buy 1, Get 1


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A set of 3 plant-based soaps each unveiling a unique essence 

Their natural formulas are palm oil free and contain 100% botanical ingredients enriched with olive and coconut oils that cleanse and nourish skin while offering absolute respect for the most sensitive of skin. They envelope the skin with a delicate aroma and a nourishing, silky finish. 

  • Aromatic Soap from Siam (Thailand): Sacred essences from the Kingdom of Siam  unveils the comforting natural aromatic concentrate of Bergamot and Guaiac Wood.
  • Aromatic Soap from Bangalore, India: Enchanting fragrances from the Taj Mahal gardens reveals a warm blend of Vanilla and Cardamom that encompasses the skin like a subtle, relaxing breeze.
  • Aromatic Soap from Luxor, Egypt:  a contemporary adaptation of Kyphi, the first fragrance composition from Ancient Egypt, this uniquely bewitching scent contains precious essential oils of Papyrus, Egyptian Cumin and Cinnamon leaves

Botanical Beauty

Cinq Mondes is committed to the safety, harmlessness and naturalness of all formulas


Our packaging is FSC certified. We pay particular attention to the recycle-ability of our packaging.


For over 20 years, we have not ceased to convince customers and professionals of our efficacy and quality.

Aromatic Soap Collection- Buy 1, Get 1