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Ritual of Bengalore Body Care Set ($132 value)


This two-piece body care set helps to cleanse and refine skin texture, while using a blend of oils to nourish and soothe the skin. 

Unlock over $130 of value with the Bengalore Ritual Box, inspired by ancient Ayurvedic remedies. Featuring the Aromatic Scrub With Spices and Three Ayurvedic Oils Body Balm, this combination deeply regenerates and hydrates the body, leaving skin feeling silky and soft.

  1. Aromatic Scrub With Spices (7.0 fl.oz.): This blend of Vanilla, Cinnamon and Nutmeg essential oils, based on ancient beauty rituals from the Island of Java, Indonesia, envelops a bath or shower, providing a luxurious experience that gently buffs away dry skin while infusing the body with calming comfort.
  2. Three Ayurvedic Oils Body Balm (5.0 fl.oz.): This balm combines a plant cocktail of Sesame, Neem and Boswellia oils, known for their restoring and soothing properties. All rich in essential fatty acids to nurture skin, its creamy and non-greasy texture makes it an excellent daily moisturizer for the entire body and leaves the skin feeling hydrated.

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Ritual of Bengalore Body Care Set ($132 value)