The Hammam + Moroccan Aromatherapy Magic

The Hammam + Moroccan Aromatherapy Magic

Central to Cinq Mondes’ roots are ancestral wellness treatments and beauty rituals from around the globe. The Hammam was the inspiration for our very rejuvenating range of body products that could be used to perform a traditional Moroccan Hammam-like experience in the comfort of your home.


What is a traditional hammam?

A centuries-old body ritual, also known as the Turkish Hammam or Turkish Bath, it is a deeply purifying treatment involving a steam room, a skin cleansing black soap, manual exfoliation using a mitt and complete with a rehydrating pure argan body oil. The goal of using a hammam is for cleansing and purifying your body which will help you deeply relax, as it calms the mind and helps you sleep better, while rejuvenating the skin. A normal practice and beauty ritual in Moroccan culture, this treatment has become extremely popular around the globe, known for its wellness benefits.


Create an at-home Hammam experience that consists of warm shower steam, a traditional black soap, exfoliation and a hydrating body oil

  1. Set the tone for your Moroccan experience by misting the Eau De L’ Atlas Fresh Aromatic Mist into the air. This invigorating scent is composed of natural aromatic oils from Orange Peel, Orange Blossom, Cedar and Basil. A contemporary version of an Orange Blossom Spray used in the Hammam treatment; this modern mist is inspired from an age-old Moroccan secret using ripe oranges picked on trees from the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.


  1. Run your shower water before entering to get the space nice and steamy. Begin to apply the Beldi Black Soap to damp skin while showering, thoroughly cleansing the skin, then rinse with warm water. This traditional Black Soap is made from 100% virgin olive oil, macerated olives, and Eucalyptus essential oil. This soap is formulated to naturally exfoliate the skin while leaving it expertly rehydrated. Tip: store your Black Soap in your shower so that it is soft and pliable when you are ready to use it.


  1. Next, begin using the Kassa Exfoliating Glove over the skin in small circular motions so that all of the dead skin can be sloughed away. Be sure to rinse again. This Kassa Glove is crafted from plant-derived cellulose with a very fine texture, purifying and softening the skin with gentle results, even on sensitive skin types.



  1. Finally, your home treatment is complete with a full-body covering of  our Sumptuous Body Oil made from Argan, Sesame and Olive Oils,  enhanced with aromatic notes of Eucalyptus, Cinnamon and Cedarwood. The lingering aroma brings calm and deep relaxation. Skin is left baby-soft, glowing and perfectly dewy. Tip: always apply a Body Oil using downward strokes on the outside of the body and upward strokes on the inside. 


After your home hammam experience, your body and mind will be physically and spiritually purified, skin is renewed to its healthiest state and the pure Moroccan aromas will linger in the air bringing magic to your environment.

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