French Expertise & Research

Made in France, Cinq Mondes Laboratories select the best patented botanical active ingredients that improve skin quality, enhance beauty, offer indulgent sensory appeal and respect the environment.

Re-balance skin's natural cell metabolism with Skin Dietetics® 

Dietetics is the science that regulates the organism’s nutritional intake to stimulate its metabolism, correct imbalance and prolong longevity. Cinq Mondes Research continues to innovate and offer a revolutionary approach by applying this unique principle to skin cells, for targeted and tailored effectiveness on wrinkles, complexion, firmness, etc. To achieve this, Cinq Mondes Laboratories select and optimize natural active ingredients: not only rare and precious Super Plant Oils from the World’s Pharmacopeias, rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9, but also 11 patented plant compounds such as Kombuchka®, Avena Sativa®, Imperata Cylindrica and Uvaxine®.

These natural active ingredients provide cells with the daily micronutrients
they need to:

— Regain balance, homeostasis, the process by which the cutaneous eco-system resists disruption.

— Trigger their natural mechanisms, especially cell renewal and the capacity to biosynthesize the skin’s building blocks.


 Provide your skin with the right nutrients using our Precious Elixir Facial Oils