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The Story Of Cinq Mondes

Fascinated by cultural traditions, total body well-being and traveling, Nathalie and Jean-Louis Poiroux journeyed around the world on exploratory trips in search of the best Beauty Rituals of the World. Cinq Mondes (Five Worlds) was born!


Jean-Louis & Nathalie Poiroux created Cinq Mondes over 15 years ago to provide a new generation of benefits for the skin, through extensive, advanced research and rare, active ingredients. Their quest began with the goal to research and immerse themselves in ancient rituals from cultures that had proven expertise in health, wellness and eternal youth. They met with local beauty experts and traditional medicine doctors in these cultures to gain inspiration. The proof was so compelling that Jean Louis, based his formulations on many of the original recipes, natural ingredients with proven results and massage techniques to create “happiness within the skin” and to maintain a youthful appearance. Our founders searched the globe to bring you the best Beauty Rituals of The World™ spa services and spa-quality beauty products to enjoy at home.

Their original inspiration came from Japan, China, India, Indonesia, and Morocco.


They opened the first Cinq Mondes Spa in 2001

Cinq Mondes Spa in the heart of Paris–the only spa in Paris embracing traditional world medicine. 

The press was immediately impressed and more than 1,000 articles about Cinq Mondes were published in just one year. Today, Cinq Mondes has over 1,000 spas in 36 countries- partnering with some of the most beautiful and prestigious 5-star hotels where guest can enjoy the benefits of our spa treatments inspired by Beauty Rituals of the World.