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Moroccan Clay Pumice Stone Foot Exfoliant


This natural Terracotta Clay Moroccan Pumice Stone, otherwise known as "M'hekka," is an ideal way to remove excess dry skin and calluses on the feet and heels. Additionally, its gentle scrubbing action can help exfoliate thicker, rougher dry skin around the elbows and other areas.

The included protective sleeve can be removed, or kept on for a gentler experience. It can also be used with the sleeve for gentle body brushing. Machine washable sleeve.


Botanical Beauty

Cinq Mondes is committed to the safety, harmlessness and naturalness of all formulas


Our packaging is FSC certified. We pay particular attention to the recycle-ability of our packaging.


For over 20 years, we have not ceased to convince customers and professionals of our efficacy and quality.

Moroccan Clay Pumice Stone Foot Exfoliant