2024 Gift Guide: Valentine's Day

2024 Gift Guide: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your loved one; it can also be an opportunity to show love and care to yourself with a pampering self-care session. Treat your loved one or yourself to some self-care gifts that will help you relax, rejuvenate, and prioritize your well-being. This 2024 Gift Guide is here to help you navigate the world of Valentine's Day presents and make your loved one feel truly special.

The Nurturing Body Oil Set - $12 Savings

Indulge in the ultimate sensory experience with this opulent body oil set, infusing your skin with velvety, nourishing goodness for a truly exquisite appearance. Including the Universal Ayurvedic Body Oil and the Sumptuous Body Oil, both formulas have captivating fragrances derived from natural oils. Our dry body oils provide fast-acting hydration that absorbs rapidly, leaving behind a silky smooth texture.


The Ayurvedic Serenity Bath Oil & Body Oil Set - $10 Savings

Embark on a journey of rejuvenation and indulgence with our luxurious Ayurvedic Serenity Bath & Body Set. Ancient remedies come to life in this curated collection, which includes a nourishing Relaxing Phyto-Aromatic Bath & Shower Oil and the Universal Ayurvedic Body Oil. Experience deep relaxation with soothing scents of Vanilla and Cardamom essential oils. 


The Moroccan Uplifting Bath Oil & Body Oil Set - $10 Savings

Experience indulgence with this exquisite bath and body set, enriched with the refreshing scents of Neroli, Eucalyptus, and Cinnamon oils. Ancient Moroccan remedies come to life in this curated collection, which includes an Uplifting Phyto-Aromatic Bath & Shower Oil and a Sumptuous Body Oil. Experience a rejuvenated mood and silky, soft skin with just one use.


Hands & Feet Moisturizing Essentials Set - $9 Savings

An exquisite pair to indulge your hands and feet in flawless perfection. Enhance skin smoothness and fight dryness all year long with our luxurious Angel Hand Cream and Tender Foot Cream. Using ancient beauty techniques and pure plant oils, our quick-absorbing formulas will pamper your skin to give you the heavenly softness of a cloud.


Organic Sublime Hydrating Body Set - $18 Savings

Indulge in this organic body duo, featuring the gentle, yet powerful Sublime Body Scrub and deeply nourishing Sublime Body Oil. Say goodbye to dry skin as you reveal a smoother, renewed complexion. Utilizing traditional Polynesian plant ingredients, Noni extract and Monoï de Tahiti, very dry skin will be left smooth, radiant and ultra re-hydrated.


Fresh Aromatic Mists- for body, hair and room 

Each of the five Cinq Mondes Fresh Aromatic Mists has a unique olfactory identity and conveys specific benefits, in relation to traditional Chinese medicine. Each aromatic water is aligned according to the season and the energetic needs that one may feel at a given moment – creating a consuming moment of well-being using citrusy, floral, warm or woodsy notes. A refreshing and unique version of fragrance arousing your inner emotions and inner beauty while evoking an emotional response. They can be haunting and mysterious, but not heavy or overbearing. Once you have experienced this fresh smelling version of fragrance, it is hard not to love them.


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