4 summer tips, straight from our French skincare expert

4 summer tips, straight from our French skincare expert

Ah summer... a time to kick back, relax by the pool and just enjoy the outdoors.  But that doesn’t mean you should slack on your normal skin and body care routine. The change of season usually means your routine should be adjusted some IE: use an oil-balancing foaming cleanser in the morning or swap out your heavy weight moisturizer for a lighter option in the daytime – to name a few. Most importantly, be sure to apply your sunscreen everyday – UV rays are much more powerful in the summer months and the key to keeping your skin youthful is protecting it from the damaging rays.

Today, we’re featuring our Cinq Mondes expert and French trained esthetician, Chantal Tourtin, and her personal tips and tricks she loves the most for the summer season:


“When traveling on short trips I like to bring the Five Flowers Cleansing Micellar Water with me to use as a quick 3-in-1 cleanse, tone and eye makeup remover- there is no need to rinse!”

This Micellar Water can also be incorporated into your normal routine as your daily eye makeup remover. Formed from micelles, tiny oil-based surfactant molecules that attract dirt and impurities like a magnet to effectively lift them from the skin's surface, leaving skin fresh and clean. 


“For the busy woman who wants to detox her skin and tighten pores, you can apply the Kaolin & Flowers Clay Mask on clean skin while brushing your teeth – then rinse with cold water after 10 minutes”

Certified Organic with 99% natural ingredients, this popular clay mask is a great option to use at least weekly for any skin type. It is formulated with a duo of White and Red Clay, plus Lemon extract and depending on your desired result, you leave it on for 3-10min.

  • 3 minutes = Instant surge of radiance - Mattifies and illuminates.
  • 5 minutes = Perfectly clean skin - Smooths and improves skin quality.
  • 10 minutes = A deep-pore cleanse - Purifies and detoxifies


“To get rid of dark circle and puffiness or water retention around your eyes, you can keep your eye cream refrigerated – it will then effectively cool, calm and have a draining effect around the eye contours”

The best option for anyone is the 7 Chinese Plants Eye Contour ointment with a patented “skin tensing” natural ingredient to minimize fine lines, plus caffeine, known for its draining and de-puffing action, complete with 7 Chinese plants used in traditional Chinese medicine.  


“After exercising, I rinse my legs with cold water to quickly improve circulation as well as apply a thin layer of the Energizing Leg-Lifting Cream- your legs will be instantly re-energized and refreshed”

This herbal leg cream combines soothing Arnica, nourishing Bamboo and Aloe Vera, plus a cooling and stimulating Camphor and Menthol, all traditionally used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Most importantly, hydrate! As the temperatures heat up, your body loses more moisture through sweat and your skin will suffer too. And, always stay protected from the sun! Happy summer!!



Chantal Tourtin, owner of the Cinq Mondes Spa in Carmel, CA and a licensed esthetician and therapist for over 30 years, sharing her passion for Cinq Mondes products with you today and everyday

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