New Cinq Mondes Spa opens at La Samaritaine-Paris

New Cinq Mondes Spa opens at La Samaritaine-Paris

On June 23rd, 2021, after 15 years of extraordinary renovations, the iconic 150-year-old French department store, La Samaritaine, reopened its doors! Owned by the LVMH group, La Samaritaine is considered the most luxurious and premiere retail store in the very center of Paris.

Within the towering levels of this historic building, is the Cinq Mondes spa… A setting that appeals to the senses in the beating heart of paris. On one side, you have the frenzied energy of the Rue de Rivoli, which spills over into the 215,000 sq. ft of La Samaritaine. On the other side is a peaceful enclosed inner garden. A timeless space exists at the meeting point of these two worlds: the Cinq Mondes spa, a 4,300 sq. ft showcase for wellness, a place where you can switch off, where you can finally feel at home.

More than just a spa & experience. Designed to be a place to discover and experiment. The spa ushers in new services dedicated to creating sensory beauty experiences. In the boutique area, your immersive journey begins around a bar covered in greenery that appeals to all five senses. Next to it, a beautiful interactive table offers you the opportunity to get to know Cinq Mondes products, which have all been inspired by ancestral pharmacopeias from around the world and draw their effectiveness from botanical active ingredients known for their effectiveness for thousands of years.

A sustainable spa: 7 main rooms, a hammam and a private space to relax. True to the Cinq Mondes philosophy of respect for Mother Earth and all those who inhabit it, the spa is a sustainable space using high-quality, eco-designed materials and locally manufactured products. You will immediately be enveloped by peace and serenity, taken on a journey to the heart of Paris, but at the other end of the world.

On your next trip to Paris, be sure to visit this extraordinary spa and store, it will be a trip you'll always remember!

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