Gift Mom the Cinq Mondes Olfactory Experience

Gift Mom the Cinq Mondes Olfactory Experience

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 14th- show mom how much you care with a special moment of well-being using our unique fragrances that allow her to pause, relax and refresh.

What is the olfactory experience?

The olfactory (sense of smell) is positioned as a differentiating tool, allowing to be present in a unique experience. The misting of a fragrance in an environment amplifies our feelings and allows to arouse emotions, to recall a memory or simply to feel enjoyment. Smell is stimulated by aromatic concentrates in direct connection with Aromacology.

Mom (or you) can enjoy a very special olfactory journey with our Fresh Aromatic Mists

Each of the five Cinq Mondes Fresh Aromatic Mists has a unique olfactory identity and conveys specific benefits, in relation to traditional Chinese medicine. Each aromatic water is aligned according to the season and the energetic needs that one may feel at a given moment – creating a consuming moment of well-being.  A refreshing and unique version of fragrance arousing your inner emotions and inner beauty while evoking an emotional response. They can be haunting and mysterious, but not heavy or overbearing.  Once you have experienced this fresh smelling version of fragrance, it is hard not to love them.



OLFACTORY FAMILY: Citrus & woody notes

The freshness of the waterfalls of the Amazonian Forest in a revitalizing aromatic water. With Lime and Coconut, it is a burst of fresh citrus in a bottle that will help you cool off on a hot day.

ELEMENT: Wood - Welcoming transformation and change




OLFACTORY FAMILY: Citrus with green notes

A tribute to the Atlas region in Morocco, the birthplace of orange blossom water. The feeling of a sunny rest under the shade of orange trees. It is a mood busting fragrance bursting with Orange Blossom, Egyptian Basil and Cedar that will put a smile on faces everywhere!

ELEMENT: Fire – strength, vitality and energy



OLFACTORY FAMILY: Amber and woody notes

Inspired by the beauty of Thailand, the fragrant notes of this destination delight the senses, comfort, and invite meditation and centering. It is an exotic and warming combination of Bergamot, Guaiac Wood and Nutmeg.

ELEMENT: Harmony and self-confidence




OLFACTORY FAMILY: Floral and spicy notes

Transporting the senses to the ancient Egyptian Kyphi fragrance, a version of one of the first known fragrances that was developed to enhance dreams for the most beautiful woman in the world, Queen Hatshepsut. Purifying for body and mind, with 11 essential oils including Jasmine, Lotus, Rose and Papyrus.

ELEMENT: Metal – lightness and purity




OLFACTORY FAMILY: Warm with amber and spicy notes

The most enchanting and soothing aromatic fresh water, inspired by the wonders of India. The warm and spicy notes of Cardamom and Vanilla invite you to a unique sensory journey evoking soothing and relaxation.

ELEMENT: Water- soothing and calming


How can mom/you use a Fresh Aromatic Mist?

Mist on the body, hair, in any room, pillows or on linens as often as desired.

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