Detox mode: 2-steps to transition the body into spring

Detox mode: 2-steps to transition the body into spring

As we enter into late-winter, that means spring is close on the horizon. Your body has taken a toll from the exposure to winter’s elements – which has likely caused excessive dryness because of low moisture levels in the air and generally speaking, has been more so in hibernation compared to other seasons. We should prepare our bodies now for a reviving reset. After all, spring is a time of renewal and this extends to our natural skin cycle too.


What easy steps can you take now to detox from the winter for a balanced spring body? Exfoliation and moisture replenishment


Step 1: Exfoliate the body

Exfoliation is one of the most important skin care steps, it helps slough off all of its dead cells and draws out impurities. Having just been through a harsh winter and cold, dry air, its likely for skin to be excessively dry or flaky, and the goal is to reveal a fresh new layer while “purging” the skin. Plus, as spring rolls in, our skin naturally has a response, which will require exfoliation to maintain its balance. Follow our advice below to choose the best exfoliating scrub for your skin:


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Step 2: Replenish moisture

Now that you’ve revealed a glowing new layer of skin post-exfoliation, its extremely key to supply it with proper hydration. The critical first step of exfoliation allows the deeply hydrating body oils or balms to work at their optimum level for your skin, locking in hydration and feeding the skin cells natural nutrients.

Applying a hydrating body oil or body balm in slow circular motions and massage-based movements in and of itself is extremely detoxifying and invigorating as it stimulates circulation to replenish the body and mind. This is the time to really breathe deep, inhale all of its sensorial aromas and slowly massage the body- not only for a skin hydration session, but a complete wellness experience! We're sharing a few of our favorite hydrators for the season, follow our advice below to choose the best for your skin:


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