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Neem Oil: An Ayurvedic medicinal oil with astonishing benefits

Ayurveda is one of the oldest practiced medicines in the world. The "ancients" in India praciticed the medicine of longevity.  In other words, herbs and plants were used to prolong a long and healthy life.  Neem was an essential plant used in these traditional Ayurvedic practices.

“In India, they use oils every day to stay healthy- on the body, on the hair and particularly on the nose and in the nostrils to prevent dryness. Oils are used to clean the ears and eyes and rubbed into the navel to ward off dryness and improve a weak digestion.”

(Poiroux, Jean-Louis. Happiness Within The Skin. The Secrets of Holistic Beauty from Cinq Mondes Spas. Abrams. 2018) 

Where does Neem Oil come from and what are its benefits?

“Neem oil is famous in India for its almost magical effects. The Neem or Indian Lilac is usually found growing in every village, considered a sacred tree and so revered for its wonderous properties that rural Indians call it the “healing tree” or “village pharmacy”.

Neem oil is a popular home remedy for minor cuts and scrapes as it accelerates wound healing to a quite astonishing degree. Rich in essential fatty acids, amino acids and vitamin E, Neem oil is used in skin care oils for its dermatological, anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties, helping to sooth and soften the skin.”

(Poiroux, Jean-Louis. Happiness Within The Skin. The Secrets of Holistic Beauty from Cinq Mondes Spas. Abrams. 2018) 

Overall, its an incredibly healing oil for any skin and contains a bounty of benefits with regular use. You can use it daily to moisturize and ward off dryness, apply the oil to the roots and ends of hair to prevent damage and rub into cuticles for healthy nails. The possibilities are endless.

Fortunately, Cinq Mondes has brought this traditional ayurvedic plant to life in modern day formulas offering the full skin healing benefits its most known for.

You can find this wonderous ingredient in:

  1. Universal Ayurvedic Body Oil: a nourishing, repairing and protective dry oil that feeds the skin to nourish and maintain a healthy barrier. This dry body oil contains a high-quality, balanced blend of Neem, Sesame and Boswellia oils. Perfect for daily use, it rehydrates and calms many common skin ailments. 


  1. Three Ayurvedic Oils Body Balm: A creamy, light-weight balm for the most soft and supple skin. Its star ingredient, Neem oil, is combined with Sesame and Boswellia to create a fatty acid rich formula that is restoring and softening. 

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