A new generation of Precious Elixirs- what’s changed?

A new generation of Precious Elixirs- what’s changed?

The Precious Elixir…Five custom-made facial oil serums that target every skin concern. With 100% plant-based oils rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 3,6 and 9, combined with active natural ingredients, these scientific formulas stimulate and rebalance the skin’s natural cellular metabolisms for your most healthy skin.

Today, newly relaunched, their formulas are still driven by ancestral knowledge and the most cutting-edge science. For each skin condition, one of the five new generation Precious Elixirs provides a solution, allowing the skin to regain its balance and beauty. Delicate and super-charged dry oils that are easily absorbed into the skin daily.

How have they improved?


1. Larger bottle and new application dropper for precise ease of use:

From 0.33 fl.o.z to now 0.50 fl.oz., the improved bottle provides a generous length of use along with a new user-friendly push button dropper applicator providing ultimate efficiency 100% of the time. Apply 3-5 drops to cleansed and toned skin with ascending and circular movements over the face, neck and décolleté  before applying your cream. TIp: Add a few drops directly into your daily moisturizer to boost its performance.


2. Certified organic:


We’ve taken our green and clean roots and certified them, Cosmos Organic. The Cosmos European Organic label means a minimum of 95% of the ingredients must be organic. You can feel confident you are using a pure product that is treating your skin well using the power of plants.


3. Enhanced results with additional active ingredients

Each Precious Elixir expert formula has been strengthened with a new active ingredient to provide incredible results, faster. Plus, each Elixir has user tested results that prove they do what they say. Take note below in our comparison chart of the bolded ingredient which represents the new, additional active ingredient.


4. Ultra-sensorial

Addictive aromas all derived naturally from plants, provide a specific sensorial journey drawing inspiration from the region the beauty ritual relates to. For example, the Plumping Precious Elixir (previously the Regenerating Precious Elixir) combines aromatic Jasmine, Lotus and White Cedar inspired by Chinese beauty rituals. Its light aroma is an invitation to travel in the splendor of the Guilin Mountains.


5. Plant-derived colors

You will notice a new color assortment of the formulas. For example, the Radiance Precious Elixir used to be green and is now a pale pink. This change is inspired by nature and reflecting the product’s benefits. There are no artificial colors, only the use of natural plant extracts. In this particular elixir example, the color is derived from False Daisy (Mahakanni), Moringa and Indian Lilac.


Which Precious Elixir does your skin need?



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