The Japanese Bath: more than just cleansing

The Japanese Bath: more than just cleansing

The Japanese "Ofuro" or bath: more than just cleansing, a time for contemplation.

Our trip to Japan would not have been complete without a Japanese bath- a core wellness therapy that I had in fact discovered many years earlier. The Japanese bathing ritual (because it is definitely a ritual) is not so much about washing, but about relaxing, mediating and nourishing the body and soul. Japan is the only country in the world where you can be invited to soak in an ofuro tub before dinner (depending of course on your host and the venue in question). A surprising custom certainly, but for me highly inspirational too. So much so that the bathtub we designed for Cinq Mondes - a masterpiece of cabinet making - has become emblematic of our spas. As if the ritual were not already sufficiently refined, we go a step further by offering a flower petal bath combined with customized aromatherapy and a neck and shoulder massage...

The name Ofuro denotes a bathtub in unfinished natural wood, typically with a lid that helps keep the water warm. The idea is to wash beforehand then unwind in the bath, escaping the everyday as you lose yourself in quiet contemplation of the landscape or an inspiring object. Once your spirit is recharged, invigorated by its flight to other reals, you are ready to return to normal activity.

The Japanese Bath ritual insipred our Cinq Mondes range of 5 Phyto-Aromatic Bath & Shower Oils...

each drawing inspiration from the native plants and ingredients of different countries. Combining the power of Chromotherapy (natural colors derived from plants) with Aromatherapy and the ancient philosophy of the Chinese Five Elements. The high-quality natural oils are formulated to serve a dual-purpose: Apply to wet skin when taking a shower. The oil turns into a milky emulsion on contact with water to cleanse the skin. For a foaming bubble bath, pour a capful or two of the oil directly into running water. For relaxing, still bath, fill the tub, and add two capfuls of the oil into water. Soak for 15 minutes.


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