How to treat your sensitive skin

how to treat sensitive skin

Are you unsure if your skin is sensitive or if its another issue? Does choosing skincare products for your sensitive skin overwhelm you? Sensitive skin is something that many people struggle with and it can be a daunting task to choose the appropriate skincare products. Once you can take regular, proper care of your sensitive skin by using a good maintenance program, your skin will appear healthy, calm and smooth. Here, I will guide you to make the best choices.

What are the common signs of sensitive skin?

  1. Skin that easily flushes, redness, red cheeks
  2. Broken capillaries or very visible blood vessels
  3. Excess oil (mostly in the t-zone)
  4. Skin that easily reacts to temperature changes (hot and cold)

It is a common misconception with people that have sensitive skin that they have oily skin, thus the correct skincare products are not being used to protect and hydrate the skin, which results in the skin over-producing oil. This will typically cause redness and small bumps that appear like acne. The goal is to balance the skin's natural oil production and soothe the skin- the appropriate remedy would be using natural oils on the skin. 

How to treat your sensitive skin:

For starters, toss the harsh soaps, alcohol or detergent based products you are using right away! Your sensitive skin will only continue to negatively respond to these. Your skin is in need of natural ingredients that protect and nurture it. Use a gentle cleansing balm or cream, and a rich moisturizer high in essential fatty acids prior to going outside in cold weather - this will keep skin calm and comfortable.

Here's our suggested routine to make your sensitive skin happy:


A velvety-soft, melting cleansing balm rich in natural oils to help purify the pores. Mango Butter and Passion Fruit oils help to effectively purify the pores and melt away the day's makeup.  The complexion is left more radiant, hydrated and comfortable

Pure Camellia and Linseed Oils combine to repair and soothe extremely dry skin or skin that is red and sensitive. All it takes is 2-3 drops, twice daily.

This cream combines skin-pampering Avocado & Sesame Oils, plus organic Honey to replenish skin and provide long-lasting hydration. Use as a daily moisturizer or a quick 15-min SOS moisture mask. Skin will immediately feel more comfortable.

Inspired by the beauty rituals of Japanese women and the 'art of porcelain skin', this highly effective formula has the ability to repair the skin's barrier and provide an effective anti-aging solution for skin suffering from a loss of volume and sagging contours.




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