Bringing together science and tradition

Bringing together science and tradition

Working with specialists in dermo-cosmetology, Ayurvedic medicine, neuroscience and nutrition has taught us that health, beauty and nutrition are connected in more ways than one...


This book [Happiness Within The Skin] will therefore look at those foods that nourish the body and mind and start by drawing a comparison between nutrition and cosmetics. Just as there are industrial foods and living foods, with all the differences in metabolic absorption imaginable, so there are industrial cosmetics and living cosmetics. On the one hand you have silicone or mineral-oil based products that leave an occlusive film on your skin like plastic wrap. On the other hand you have products made of natural oils and plant extract that are readily absorbed by the skin.


With both types of products now on sale, consumers should be able to make an informed choice between the two.


Feeding the skin with essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, trace (oligo) elements, mineral salts and vitamins, helps to maintain cellular homeostasis (the equilibrium required for optimal functioning). Our modern lifestyle threatens that equilibrium due to what dermatologists call the "exposome": the sum total of all the environmental factors in our lives. These factors can be external (sunlight, pollution, changes in temperature) or internal (cortisol for instance, a hormone associated with the oxidative stress that is a factor in premature skin aging). Improving our understanding of the exposome so as to prevent these imbalances is one of the core challenges facing cosmetics research over the next decade.


Our journey inside our skin cells will continue by exploring the cutaneous flora or microbiota: the billions of bacteria essential to the proper development, functioning and also the protection of cells. Because quite apart from exposome, endocrine disruptors are another major problem facing public-health authorities and the skincare industry.


Acheiving and maintaining a sublte balance of forces is essential for homeostasis - a state that is to our skin cells what nirvana is to our consciousness.


That is why our research at Cinq Mondes focuses on exploring the benefits of dermapuncture combined with the guiding principles of our "skin nutrition program" - today and every day we are committed to making "happiness come from within the skin"


Poiroux, Jean-Louis. Happiness Within The Skin - The Secrets of Holistic Beauty from Cinq Mondes Spas. Page 20. New York, Abrams, 2018.

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