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Skin Happiness Blog

Posts tagged: skincare

A new generation of Precious Elixirs- what’s changed?

Today, newly relaunched, their formulas are still driven by ancestral knowledge and the most cutting-edge science.

Skin imperfections: An esthetician’s tips for blackheads and breakouts

We’re here to let you in on some inside tips from our Cinq Mondes Esthetician on how you can quickly banish blackheads and blemishes in a flash.

Our French Skincare Expert shares: How I upgrade my routine for winter

Here are my best tips and how I upgrade my routine for winter:   I use the excellent, very rich and emollient Flowers Cleansing Balm to cleanse. 

The French Cleansing Secret: Micellar Water

A gentle and effective solution for any skin type, a Micellar Water is formed from micelles, tiny oil-based surfactant molecules suspended in water, that attract dirt and impurities like a magnet to effectively lift them from the skin's surface, leaving it fresh and clean.

Find the best mask for your skin needs

Purifying, hydrating, plumping…there’s a mask for you- but not all masks are equal. We guide you to make the best choice!

K-Beauty inspired skincare for a "little to no make-up look"

In Korea, there is an enormous culture surrounding beauty, with the goal being the most luminous, clear, radiant skin as possible.