Bring the spa home to her: Gifts for mom

Bring the spa home to her: Gifts for mom

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly (May 8th), so get ready to show mom the love with a care package of everything she needs for a complete moment of self-care (pause, relax and refresh) After all, Mother’s Day is all about her – give her the essentials so she can take time for herself.

Step 1: Polish skin to perfection

Purify the body and remove dead skin for healthy and radiant skin! Our exfoliant formulas range from a light scrub for daily use to a deeper exfoliation that restores hydration with natural oils as well.

Papaya Puree Body Polish

The natural enzymes in Organic Papaya Seed Oil, plus Coconut Powder and Diatomaceous Earth gently, but effectively exfoliate as you lather into skin while showering. Skin is left smelling incredible, soft, smooth and bright.

Aromatic Scrub with Spices

Sea-salt based, this aromatic combination of Vanilla, Cinnamon and Nutmeg will give mom an unforgettable body pampering experience that gently sloughs away dry skin while soothing and comforting the body (Inside Tip: is especially helpfully for sore, overworked muscles)


Sublime Scrub

    Sugar-based, Coconut grains and Sugar combine to gently, but effectively exfoliate dead skin, while naturally uber-hydrating Noni, Monoi and Avocado oils intensely nourish overly dry skin.


    Did you know? You can also use the Kassa Glove to exfoliate the body before a shower or bath. Begin manual exfoliation to dry skin with this glove.  Then rinse off dead skin during your shower. Your skin is left purified and softened.


    Step 2: A relaxing moment of peace

    Immerse the body into the healing powers of water, combined with natural plant oils to set the mood. Our two Phyto-Aromatic Bath & Shower Oils combine the power of Chromotherapy (natural colors derived from plants) with Aromatherapy using high-quality bath oils.

    3 ways to use these bath/shower oils:

    1. For a foaming bubble bath: pour a capful or two directly into running water
    2. For a relaxing still bath: fill the tub, turn off water and then add in two capfuls
    3. During a shower: apply the formula to wet skin while showering. The oil turns into a milky emulsion to cleanse the body.


    Step 3: Replenish skin

    It’s time to replenish the moisture levels in skin. Using a natural body oil is

    a great way to seal the moisture back into the skin, especially now that the skin has been exfoliated and cleansed. From lightest weight to heaviest weight oil:

    Universal Ayurvedic Body Oil

    Great option for all skin types, especially normal or dehydrated. It has a soothing blend of Sesame, Neem and Boswellia Oils to deeply nourish, rehydrate and calm many common skin ailments.


    Sumptuous Dry Body Oil

      An ideal solution for dry skin, or after-sun, Argan, Sesame and Olive Oils deeply rehydrate skin while its intoxicating aroma of Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Cedarwood leave you smelling divine for hours.


      Sublime Hair & body Oil

        For dry, very dry or irritated skin, this dry oil combines the renewing powers of Noni extract, Coconut oil and Monoi oil to help heal dryness. Bonus, its organic and a wonderful frizz-tamer for hair too!

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