Géto: the miracle, age-defying plant

Géto: the miracle, age-defying plant

For Cinq Mondes, it all began 5 years ago with a trip to Japan and Jean-Louis and Nathalie's yearning to discover Okinawa Island, the champion of our planet’s ‘blue zones’. (A blue zone is a region known for the extraordinary life longevity of their people, otherwise known as centenarians) What is their secret? How do they live such long lives? What do they incorporate into their daily habits? The people of Okinawa live by a unique philosophy and way of life:

1. A passion to live their lives- having a reason for being, creating beauty and usefulness
2. Diet. They satisfy only 80% of their hunger, eating food calmly, according to the seasons and foods very high in antioxidants
3. Maintaining a social life and mutual assistance – helping others and being helped.


They incorporate Géto into their daily habits, the miracle plant

Getto, or in French, Géto, is also called ‘Flower of Paradise’ or ‘Shell Ginger’. It is THE secret behind Okinawa's large population of centenarians. Considered the miraculous anti-aging plant, it is at the core of eating habits and beauty rituals on the island. Géto is rich in antioxidants and every part of the plant can be utilized, from the root to the leaves, including of course its flowers. Used topically on the skin, it is extremely effective at preventing and correcting all signs of aging, which explains why this secret has been so well kept by the people of Japan for centuries.

The leaves and flowers of "Shell Ginger" can also be infused in hot water to be consumed like a tea- a daily anti-wrinkle "beauty water", used by women of Okinawa for generations.


Cinq Mondes research brings Okinawa’s treasure to you

After 5 years of research and over 900 lab trials, we have culminated a miraculous beauty treatment cream debuting organic Géto extract as its patent pending, star ingredient: Géto Supréme The Cream. This cream has the proven ability to increase Type I Collagen by 53% after only 7 days!

A phenomenon in the world of beauty, it has the rare ability of not only preventing visible signs of aging (from 30+) but also correcting the signs of aging for mature skin. This moisturizer melts into the skin with its serum-in-cream texture, leaving it velvety soft and smooth. The skin's firmness, density and elasticity are restored, revealing a radiant, refreshed complexion.

Géto Supréme Eye & Lip Contour: An age-defying treatment to help reduce fine lines around the eye contours and lips, lighten dark circles and de-puff tired eyes. After 28 days use, 79%* confirm firmer skin around the eyes and lips. 75%** confirm lines & wrinkles are reduced.

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