K-Beauty inspired skincare for a "little to no make-up look"

K-Beauty inspired skincare for a "little to no make-up look"

Deep rooted in our brand philosophy are beauty rituals from all over the world – so today, let’s take a close look at the “K-beauty” trend, what exactly it is, and how Cinq Mondes was inspired by Korean beauty rituals long ago.

What is K-Beauty?

In Korea, there is an enormous culture surrounding beauty, with the goal being the most luminous, clear, radiant skin as possible. Korean beauty is best known for the “10-step K-beauty regimen” which is supposed to result in a “glass skin” appearance, putting most of the focus on hydration (and more hydration) as well as to reduce and prevent pigmentation (dark spots).

The land of beauty

Cinq Mondes has drawn its inspiration from Jeju Island, South Korea, one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature and these ancient beauty rituals. This island is home to many plants with “glass skin” virtues, such as Magnolia Kobus and Camellia, which are part of the natural active ingredients of our Sublime Brightening range. The richness of these plants is proven to reduce dark spots and create a luminous, flawless appearance.

While yes, to achieve this sought-after “glass skin” appearance, it does involve a multi-step skincare approach, Cinq Mondes has gone to great lengths to utilize the power of natural plants to help provide these results quickly:

  • Magnolia Kobus: extracted from the stem of the flower, it has an antioxidant power that is 1,000x higher than Vitamin C making it a very powerful antioxidant to protect the skin as well as lighten the appearance of dark spots, while dramatically improving the brightness of skin.
  • Licorice root: the root of Licorice is 100x more powerful than Vitamin C, due to its high content of glabridin, one of the most powerful, natural de-pigmenting molecules.
  • Camellia Flower oil: very gentle, it comforts the skin and regulates natural hydration to prevent skin from drying out, leaving skin velvety-smooth.

Boost your routine for a flawless look using the Sublime Brightening range:


Sublime Brightening Serum

A staple for ALL SKIN- it gives skin a brighter, more even appearance and its light-weight to quickly absorb. After 56 days of use, 91% of users confirm a more even complexion, 80% confirm skin is more radiant and glowing and 82% confirm dark spots were reduced.


Sublime Brightening Cream

ALL SKIN types benefit, and its a great option during summer because of its lighter consistency. Its refreshing gel-cream texture leaves behind a matte finish. After 4 weeks of use, 81% of users find their skin better protected from new spots, 86% find their bare skin more beautiful, and complexion brighter, 91% find their complexion more radiant 

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