Skin imperfections: An esthetician’s tips for blackheads and breakouts

Skin imperfections: An esthetician’s tips for blackheads and breakouts

No matter your skin type, blackheads or the occasional breakout are both something most of us deal with, especially more so during the hot and humid months. Finding the right treatment to tackle these issues can be a challenge. We're here to help with some esthetician inside tips on how you can quickly banish blackheads and blemishes in a flash.

What is a blackhead and who tends to get them?

A blackhead is a backup of oil and bacteria in the pore, which causes it to rise up to the surface. The pores remain open, which equates to the oil and bacteria meeting the air, oxidizing it, causing the black appearance. Most commonly visible around the nose, even dry skin types can suffer from blackheads occasionally. In addition, you may naturally have larger pores, meaning you are predisposed to suffer from blackheads, more so than someone with smaller pores.

Blackheads: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Breaking out around the nose or any other area?

These tips below can be used in the same way you will treat blackheads, to rid your skin of these pesky breakouts, too.

STEP 1: 

After cleansing with your normal cleanser, apply 2-3 drops of the Purifying Precious Elixir directly to the area of concern and massage in (you may only need 1-2 drops depending on the area you are covering and the size of the face). This elixir, although in an oil form, contains Black Cumin Seed Oil, known as "the oil that heals everything" it is calming, anti-inflammatory and helps to regulate oil production. It will actually help purify the pore and tighten it to prevent future issues.

STEP 2: 

Clear and unlodge the blackheads using the Seeds & Flowers Exfoliant. Massage it directly into the areas of concern and then gently remove with a cloth soaked in warm water. This can be done up to 3x per week.

STEP 3: 

Apply a detoxifying clay using the Kaolin and Flowers Clay Mask all over the face for an oily/combination kin, locally on the nasal labial folds or where needed over the area you applied the Purifying Precious Elixir (as a spot treatment to treat breakouts). Leave this on for 5-10 minutes (it should dry but not too dry).  Remove with a warm, damp cloth or disposable cotton pads. This can be used daily in conjunction with the Purifying Precious Elixir to treat specific areas that are breaking out, or blackheads.

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