The French Cleansing Secret: Micellar Water

The French Cleansing Secret: Micellar Water

An innovative invention, Micellar Water has revolutionized the ritual of makeup removal. A good, complete skincare routine is so important to the skin’s health, appearance and longevity, and the first step to any routine is cleansing. Although a Micellar Water isn’t particularly meant to cleanse the face, it’s a very important pre-step to remove makeup, especially mascara and eye makeup. And a quick, easy step at that!

What is Micellar water?

A gentle and effective solution for any skin type, a Micellar Water is formed from micelles, tiny oil-based surfactant molecules suspended in water, that attract dirt and impurities like a magnet to effectively lift them from the skin's surface. The result is fresh and clean skin.  It's considered a “soft water” and is more skin-loving and pH-balancing then harsh hard water that is common in many areas. Actually, this French gem was founded in Paris many decades ago because of the city’s notoriously hard water. We can’t lift away makeup at night with only water, it’s the tiny lipid cleansing molecules that make it possible. A Micellar Water's formula is super gentle to remove all the dirt and impurities and leave behind a rush of nurturing hydration.

Who should use Micellar Water?

Anyone, especially if you wear makeup. You’ll find your nightly routine to remove it becomes much quicker, and your skin is more balanced. Don’t wear makeup? A Micellar Water is a great option if you travel a lot and need to cleanse, tone and freshen the skin on-the-go (ie: in the car or airport when you don’t have access to water) because they don’t require rinsing. 

How to use Micellar Water?

For a quick [cleanse, make-up removal and tone] solution, apply micellar water to a cotton round(s) and wipe over your face and eyes. To remove eye make-up in the evening, apply two cotton rounds, wipe over your eyes.



This micellar water is much more effective than a cleansing wipe and its alcohol-free, so it won’t cause any eye irritation or drying of the skin.

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