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Skin Happiness Blog

Posts tagged: skincare routine

The French Cleansing Secret: Micellar Water

A gentle and effective solution for any skin type, a Micellar Water is formed from micelles, tiny oil-based surfactant molecules suspended in water, that attract dirt and impurities like a magnet to effectively lift them from the skin's surface, leaving it fresh and clean.

Find the best mask for your skin needs

Purifying, hydrating, plumping…there’s a mask for you- but not all masks are equal. We guide you to make the best choice!

K-Beauty inspired skincare for a "little to no make-up look"

In Korea, there is an enormous culture surrounding beauty, with the goal being the most luminous, clear, radiant skin as possible. 

Enhance her beauty: gifts for mom

Why not gift her with natural and holistic beauty products that she can enjoy every day? She’ll enjoy making the ultra-sensorial and pampering textures of Cinq Mondes formulas a part of her everyday routine

Protecting and renewing your skin

At Cinq Mondes, we offer products based on our own unique formulas that bring real benefits to the skin. Products composed of 100% plant oils, rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

The 8-step “zen for your skin” routine

Including a skin care routine in your healthy daily habits makes for an overall “zen life” and when you look good, you feel good! We tell you the 8-steps that make the most difference.